Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Also, happy 6 month anniversary to Caitlyn and I.  I have to say sorry for all those that may still be waiting on our thank you cards to be sent out. We have them all made, addressed and waiting to be sent but they are sitting in a box stored away until Caitlyn and I get settled in. I feel bad that we don't have those out yet. So don't worry they are on their way.

Caitlyn and I had a great Halloween and 6 month anniversary. It is a tradition in the Knutzen family to have dinner at my grandparents, take pictures, go trick or treating and come back to have dessert. This year we were lucky to have two parties to go to. Caitlyn's Aunt and Uncle go all out in passing out candy to kids and having family over for mexican food. Yes, we did eat twice and paid dearly for it later.

A couple of days before Halloween we participated in my parents ward's trunk or treat. We decked out our trunk with spooky decorations and some classic halloween music. It was fun because my parents, sister and her husband lined up their cars next to us. It has been so much fun to participate in the holidays with family again. We are eating it up (sometimes literally with all the food we get fed). At the trunk or treat, Caitlyn dressed up as static cling, as you can see in the picture, and I wore a sign that read "nudist on strike". Next year we are planning on being more prepared and coming as some cliche couples costume. We have talked about mario and princess peaches. We will see.

I have recently discovered Printerest. I am addicted. I love arts and craft ideas so I have had a blast going through all the decorating ideas. I am researching the best ways to refinish or paint old thrift store furniture. I love that stuff. I am getting a lot of ideas. Caitlyn and I have been getting ready to move into our new apartment and we have had to think about how to decorate. It is fun to be able to do it all over again. We bought some nice couches yesterday and we still need a table, chairs and a most importantly a bed. I am sure the perfect ones will come up soon, it always seems to happen like it.

Caitlyn had her first day of work today. I am excited for her as she starts this new job. It is always exciting to learn new things, meet new people and just experience a new routine. I think she is going to like it there. I will have to have her write up a post about her new job and what she is doing. Anyway, thanks to whoever reads our blog. I know we are not perfect at it but it is fun. If you do read make a comment and say hi.

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  1. "Hi" and it's great to have you back around our family, too!