Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's been a while...

First, I am sorry that Caitlyn and I have not written a post for a while. I guess we just got caught up in married life and was having so much fun that we just kind of forgot about this blog. Well, we are back so don't worry. Wow, So much has been going on. Caitlyn and I have kept pretty busy with work. We have been savoring our weekend time with one another.

Some of the fun things we have done together this summer has been decorating our apartment. We have bought all of our furniture from a lady who runs a blog called Shabby2chicdesign. He stuff is awesome and comes at a very affordable price tag. We have had fun putting our home together. Last weekend we went tubing down the Provo River. Caitlyn got a couple nasty buises from falling off her tube and letting the river drag her along the bottom. We also got pretty burnt in the 90 degree weather that day. It was a lot of fun.

I have a new hobby that has been keeping me entertained. Last weekend I bought a beautiful fish tank. It is a 12 gallon tank and it is one of the best tanks on the market. I built a great little fresh water habitat with live plants and plenty of fish. The filter on this tank allows me to do a lot with such a small area. It actually filters 160 gallons of water per hour. That is filtering all the water in the tank 13.33333 times every hour. It's fun and I am learning a lot about fish and plants. Right now I have five very small fish and 4 medium to small fish and 4 or 5 little shrimps. We named the school of 5 the jackson 5 and the other's marco and polo, houdini, and molly. Houdini likes to hide. In a couple weeks I will be able to add another school of five and a bit after that I can add even more.

What is really cool about this tank is when I get tired of doing fresh water the tank will handle salt water perfectly. I am really looking forward to having a small salt water reef some day. I am first concentrating on my fresh water. On a side note we still have our two gold fish (nelly and moe) in a bowl. We have had them since about october. They are going strong.

Now that I have told you a bit about what I have been up to. I need to have caitlyn get on and tell you all about what she has been doing.

Watch this video of my fish in action!